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N.E.Engineering (NEE) is a family company born on 1990, where the owners still work in the company. At the first beginning, the business was concentrated in manufacturing new stackers and on the upgrade of existing ones. In a few years the company achieved an agreement with Mitsubishi corrugated division, in order to supply NEE stackers to the Japanese company. In a short time NEE was operating on a competitive world market, installing the stackers in USA, Malaysia and all over Europe. In the meanwhile, the company approached the handling system for corrugated board. Starting from basics, NEE has been able to supply the overall of handling system for many green field plants. On 2002 started the manufacturing of robotic palletizers, more and more commons on corrugated board market. On 2007 began the production of pre-feeders for flexo folder gluers and rotary die cutters. On 2008 started to be active on the rolls handling system, by suppling the biggest rolls handling system equipped of modular chain installed never made in Europe. Furthermore started the production of cut-off knife and cut off exit conveyor for Mitsubishi corrugators. On 2012 started the production of single facers for Mitsubishi corrugators. The main effectiveness is on foreign markets, and the majority of the installations are made abroad.


NEE manufactures machineries, rolls handling systems and materials handling systems for corrugated board market. Faced of a market which is demanding to improve the level of automatic operation, NEE is continuously engaged to find out new automated solutions capable to make in automatic way the production processes where the operator attendance is required and to realize solution technologically advanced.


The pass on values, it is something unmissable, something which leads our team members.

Familiarity: the familiar way to make business it is reflecting on customer relationship, that are informal, based on clearness and sharing.

Customer satisfaction: customer expectations is a guiding light which is affecting all internal processes.

Organization: our internal structure is absolutely reactive, competent to satisfy customer expectations.

Experience: we put our experience at customers disposal, by developing complex projects with expertise

Support: our customers could count on a team which applies assistance remotely or on site, and on shelf ready spare part.

Motivation: inside NEE there is a very rich working environment, based on high competences level, necessary background to design technologically equipments, custom tailor projects which puts the company in the forefront of the world market.

Quality: our equipments are designed following higher quality standard requirements, to achieve the highest reliability and efficiency.

Innovation and development: the company grows with a continuous effort to find out new solutions capable to improve production process.


Employees: NEE counts about forty internal employees, on a building surface of about 5.000 square meters.

Technical department: the technical department counts about 12 engineers; most part of them are graduated engineers and they have in charge the design of the products. They use the most advanced 3 dimensional CAD software to make solid design.

Production department: is the department which is charged to follow up the manufacturing of the mechanical parts, and which manages the packaging and delivery of the goods.

Shop floor: all the products are assembled and tested in our shop floor before delivery. Furthermore, to ensure the highest quality, all the electrical cabinets are made inside NEE.

Warehouse: warehouse is about 500 square meters and it stocks the components necessary for assembling and for spare.

ERP software: all the process are managed by using an ERP software, which gives real time information along whole production process.

N.E. Engineering SPA

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