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N.E. Engineering Spa N.E. Engineering Spa

N.E. Engineering Spa

Advanced Technological Solutions

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Dry End

NEE is well known as manufacturer of cut off exit conveyors and down stackers for different speed ranges and corrugator deckle. The care we take on the design and the technical solutions, make the difference.

Rolls Handling

NEE is manufacturing rolls handling system for corrugators and paper mills. NEE is proud to have been the manufacturer of the largest rolls handling system never made in Europe using caterpillar belt.

Materials Handling

The materials handling it is a must to increase the efficiency, to speed up the production process and to reduce the waste. NEE is specialized on designing and manufacturing advanced system.

Robotic palletizers

It is for over 15 years NEE is manufacturing robotic palletizer for corrugated board market, by proposing solutions for case makers, die cutters and for special applications. NEE has been the first company has installed robot in Latin America.


NEE is manufacturing pre-feeder for the fastest converting machines available on the market. We propose our machine, designed on the base of several years of experience, and the market is trusting our products.


Main Strength


Nothing is left to chance. A successful project starts form a good lay-out design and a deep analysis, which are the result of repeated meetings with the customers. Furthermore, the experience of NEE team is fundamental to get successful projects.


All our customers can count on onsite, as well as remote assistance service. Any intervention is applied by NEE technicians, who are very expert about the equipment and the production process. For further support, we keep in stock, shelf ready parts, not longer in production.


In a corrugated board market experience is absolutely important because the production process and its handling, are affected by thousands of variables and different habits. NEE has been operating for over 25 years on worldwide corrugated board market, which has been a good training.


Flexibility is part of Italian mentality, and it is reflected on the behaviors of the company. For instance, our customer could choose among a wide range of PLC brands, because we usually operate with major brands like Allen & Bradley, Siemens or Hitachi.


Our technical department is continuously developing new solutions. NEE has been the first company to install a robotic palletizer in Latin America, and one of the first to develop fully automatic robotic palletizers for corrugated board market. Furthermore NEE introduced on the market, edge applicators for strapping machines, and several special conveyors first.


For the company, quality is a must. We manufacture our equipment, using well-known manufacturer brands for electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic or for any other component. The very first customer service begins by using quality components, thus guaranteeing long life and huge dealer service.

N.E. Engineering SPA

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55016 Porcari (Lucca) - Italy
Tel. +39 0583 21051
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